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    Fresh Air summers are filled with children running barefoot through the grass, gazing at star-filled skies, catching fireflies at night or swimming for the first time. For 138 years, The Fresh Air Fund has given New York City children these life-changing experiences, where each day is an exploration of nature and a celebration of summer.

    Join us on #GivingTuesday on December 2, 2014 - a global day dedicated to giving back – and help make these experiences possible for our Fresh Air children. Charities, businesses, communities, and generous supporters around the world will come together with one common goal: to celebrate the generosity of the season and to give.

    Since 1877, more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities have benefitted from free summer experiences in the country through our programs, which provide children with the pure joy of carefree summer days with volunteer host families or at summer camps in upstate New York. Year-round programs offer adolescents support for educational and career goals.

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  • Give the Gift of Summer to New York City Children this Holiday Season

    Celebrate #GivingTuesday with The Fresh Air Fund this holiday season!

    Aniyah felt the cool strands of grass beneath her feet, soared to new heights on the swings with her Fresh Air brother Christian, and splashed in the salty water at the beach. “Christian saw how much enjoyment Aniyah had from all her new experiences and he too became interested in his swing set that he had never played on. And, he even overcame his fear of water! With Aniyah by his side, Christian started to go further into the ocean at the beach. It brought tears to my eyes watching Aniyah enjoy herself and watching my son learn from her. I couldn’t get her off of the swings or inside no matter how hard I tried! She just loved running barefoot in our yard and being outside,” says Fresh Air host Mia.