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General Contact Information

Write to us at:
The Fresh Air Fund
633 3rd Avenue
14th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Call us at: 1-800-367-0003

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Media Contacts

Jenny Morgenthau, Spokesperson and Executive Director, 212-897-8900
Hannah Beck, Director of Public Relations, 212-897-8900
Andrea Kotuk, Public Relations Consultant, Andrea & Associates, 212-353-9585

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Mrs. Donald Newhouse, Chairman Emeritus
William P. Lauder, Chairman of the Board
John N. Irwin III, President
Wendy R. Flanagan, Vice President
Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr., Secretary
Derrick D. Cephas, Treasurer

Senior Management

Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director

Hannah Beck, Director of Public Relations
Elizabeth Clardy, Director of Volunteer Host
      Family Program & Community Outreach

Jean E. Jeremie, Director of Finance
      & Administration

George V. Morfessis, Director of Information Technology
Lori Seader, Director of Development
Alicia Skovera, Director of Camping
      & Year-Round Programs


Tiki Barber
Tom A. Bernstein
Mariah Carey
Mats G. Carlston
Derrick D. Cephas
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel
LizabethAnn Rogovoy Eisen
Wendy R. Flanagan
Ruth W. Houghton
John N. Irwin III
Craig S. Ivey
Howard B. Johnson
Dan Kaplan
Isabelle B. Krusen
William P. Lauder
Gregory D. Lee
Joseph J. Magliocco
John D. McMahon
Katherine Morris
David S. Perpich
Caroline Cummings Rafferty
Brandon Reid
Winthrop Rutherfurd Jr.
Betsy Shiverick
Jacqueline Albert Simon
Kimberly E. Steward
Richard D. Thomas
Bradley A. Whitman
Steven M. Wolf