Available Positions at Camp

The Fresh Air Fund hires over 400 staff members for a variety of positions at our five camps, infirmaries, ropes course and model farm. Interested applicants should apply as early as possible in order to be considered for their preferred position and camp.

Requirements for all applicants:
- 18 or older by June 29th
- Must have completed at least one year of college
- Experience working with children
- Sincere motivation to work with inner-city children
- Available to work for the entire duration of orientation and camp sessions

General Counselors

General Counselors are guides and role models to a group of 12 campers as they explore the great outdoors. Two counselors escort a group to daily activities, plan programs and supervise the campers in their cabins, the dining hall and during evening activities. This job requires a high energy level. Counselors are required to provide 24-hour-a-day direct supervision of campers, as well as participate in vigorous outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and athletics.
Start date: June 20
Summer salary: $2,200 – 2,400, plus room and board

Lifeguards & Waterfront Staff

Lifeguards supervise instructional and free swim periods, the boating and fishing programs and waterfront carnivals. The Waterfront Staff is responsible for maintaining waterfront and boating facilities to comply with all safety codes. Whether obtained through our on-site course or elsewhere, a current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certificate and a current CPR certificate are required. If guarding on one of our lakes, an ARC Waterfront Lifeguard Module certificate is also required. Previous experience in an aquatic program is preferred.
Start date: June 12 (uncertified U.S. staff and new international staff); June 14 (certified staff and returning staff)
Summer salary: $2,300 – 2,600, plus room and board
Note: You do not need to be certified in order to apply but you must be a strong swimmer. We will provide training and a certification course during orientation. Click here for more details about our lifeguard training program requirements. 

Program Specialists & Instructors

Program Specialists plan activities such as arts and crafts, nature, photography/video/film, music, ceramics, athletics, drama, dance, fashion design, pioneering, science and technology, outdoor living skills, sign language and creative writing. The Fresh Air Fund is always looking for passionate and skilled teachers in many different subject areas. We encourage you to share any specialized skills that you are interested in bringing to camp on your application. Specialists are responsible for developing and teaching four to five one-hour activity periods each day, ordering and maintaining equipment and supplies and keeping the program area clean. When Program Specialists are not teaching, they will assist General Counselors with daily activities.

Instructors at Camp Mariah are responsible for actively engaging campers in educational, participatory workshops. Instructors teach six classes daily in subjects including environmental science, health and fitness, science and technology, journalism and career skills. They participate in all camp activities.

All Program Specialists and Instructors must have a minimum of one year teaching experience and a demonstrated ability to design classroom activities that are based on experiential/active learning theory, in order to engage our youth.
Start date: June 16
Summer salary: $2,200 – 2,400, plus room and board

Ropes Course Staff

Ropes Course Staff teach three two-hour classes each day on the Teams and High Ropes Courses. Ropes Course Facilitators assist the Ropes Course Director in planning, organizing and facilitating classes, as well as maintaining the Ropes Course to comply with all safety codes. Facilitators must be at least 19 years of age and have previous experience as participants or instructors on the Teams and/or High Ropes Course programs. The Ropes Course Director is responsible for the overall supervision of the Ropes Course program. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have experience as an instructor/facilitator on both the Teams and High Ropes Courses. Ropes Course staff are assigned to live at one of our camps and participate in their specific camp’s programming when they not working at the Ropes Course.
Start date: June 16
Summer salary: $2,200 – 2,400, plus room and board

Farm Staff

The primary responsibility of Farm Staff is teaching the farm program. Other duties include, morning and evening chores (feeding, cleaning, milking), garden upkeep (weeding, planting, harvesting), daily compost pick-ups from dining halls, morning breakfast program and general cleaning of the farm facilities. All Farm Staff must enjoy teaching children and feel comfortable working with farm animals.
Farmers must be outgoing, creative, flexible, self-motivated and willing to work long hours. Teaching experience with children is strongly preferred. A farming background is not necessary but some previous experience working with farm animals and/or gardening is beneficial. Farmers must be at least 18 years of age and have completed one year of college with coursework in biology or related environmental topics.
Start date: June 16
Summer salary: $2,200 – 2,400, plus room and board


Nutritionists create and conduct one-hour classes in which they emphasize and make connections to in-season foods with the importance of diet and good health. They will help show campers how to use produce from the garden to make nutritious snacks by following a recipe. The nutritionist is also responsible for overseeing daily morning breakfast programs and occasional dinner programs that utilize farm products from the farm garden and/or local farms. Nutritionists also participate in caring for the animals and maintaining the garden at the farm. Applicants must have prior experience with cooking, working with children and planning and ordering food as well as coursework involving nutrition.
Start date: June 16
Summer salary: $2,200 – 2,400, plus room and board

Camp Nurses

Camp Nurses are responsible for all health related care of campers at our five camps. Duties include: health education teaching and maintenance; emergency care; referrals to camp doctors; nursing care of campers and staff requiring short-term bed rest; communication of pertinent medical information to The Fresh Air Fund office, parents and city agencies; and maintaining medical records and logs. Camp Nurses are the primary medical staff in camp and report directly to the Camp Director and Senior Camp Nurse. Medical facilities are ten minutes away from camp, and there are hospitals nearby.
Start date: Varies
Summer salary: Commensurate with experience

Village Leaders & Head Counselors

Village Leaders and Head Counselors have overall responsibilities for a village of 36 campers and directly supervise the 12-15 staff members in their village. Village Leaders are on the administrative team and maintain active communication with fellow administrators, counselors and campers. They also guide and evaluate counselors assigned to their village as well as plan and supervise village activities. Village leaders should have previous experience working at an overnight camp and previous supervisory experience is preferred.
Start date: June 12
Summer salary: $2,600 – 3,000, plus room and board

Program Directors

Program Directors plan the overall activities for the camp with input and assistance from the staff. They directly supervise and evaluate the activities counselors and oversee the ordering of all program supplies. Program Directors at every camp will assist the Camp Director in planning and carrying out pre-camp and in-service staff training. They should have extensive experience as a group counselor or program staff in an overnight camp setting and previous supervisory experience is preferred.
Start date: June 12
Summer salary: $2,600 – 3,000, plus room and board

Waterfront Directors

Waterfront Directors organize and direct all swimming activities for the campers and supervise and train the Waterfront Staff in water safety and swimming instruction activities. The Waterfront Directors must be at least 21 years of age, have Lifeguard Training, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and a minimum of three seasons of waterfront experience. A Water Safety Instructor Certificate is preferred as well as prior experience working at camp.
Start date: June 12
Summer salary: Commensurate with experience, plus room and board

CIT Directors

CIT Directors oversee six to 12 Counselors-In-Training, ages 16 to 17, who live at camp for the entire summer. CIT Directors are responsible for supervising CITs in their daily activities as well as working with camp staff to develop workshops and other learning experiences for the CITs. CIT Directors should have previous experience working with teenagers.
Start date: June 12
Summer salary: $2,600 - 3,000, plus room and board